Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach

A multiple award-winning novel, Stupid Fast is the story of sixteen year old Felton Reinstein and how his life changes over the course of one summer. With his best (and only) friend gone to visit his sick grandma, Felton determines that the summer will amount to very little. But, his plans of being holed up in the basement, watching TV, and eating are interrupted when he is told by his mother that he will get up at dawn every morning to cover his friend’s paper route.  With the newly appointed physical activity of biking his entire paper route and the fact that Felton has been growing an inch a day for months, football players and coaches in town start taking notice of Felton. And then they discover his speed…he’s not just fast, he’s stupid fast. With his size and speed put together, Felton is a possible D-1 pick for football colleges. But, things at home are not great. His dad committed suicide when he was five and lately his mom has been acting strange. In fact, she rarely gets out of bed any more. Therefore, Felton must hold the house together for not only himself, but also his thirteen year old brother. Between the pressures of the football team along with the serious problems at home (not to mention the new girl he’s met thanks to the paper route); Felton struggles with the weight of his new responsibilities.

Told in a funny, sarcastic voice, Felton Reinstein is a character you are sad to say good-bye to at the end of the book. In addition, the book is set in Wisconsin which makes the story all that more relatable. I funny, realistic story of the life of a sixteen year old!


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