Breaking Beautiful by Jennifer Shaw Wolf

Allie is lost. When her ‘most-popular, most amazing’ boyfriend Trip, dies in a car accident that almost took both of their lives, Allie is left alone to pick up the pieces. Devastated, dazed, and confused Allie is forced back into the land of the living where she has to face the whispers and fingers pointed in her direction. Because you see, although the case is closed and ruled as an accident, some people just aren’t willing to let it go.

When a new cop is brought to town to further investigate Trips mysterious death, Allie, being the last person to see Trip alive, is questioned and harassed to remember what happened. But the thing is, she can’t. Every once in a while she will remember snippets, but it’s just not enough. Trapped in the past with no way out, Allie wants to forget everything and pretend nothing happened, not too far of a stretch when she has no memory of that night. But, is it just that, or is there something else she’s running from?

This book is a must read. With so much detail and so many things going on at once, the mystery remains. Readers are left to guess the ending and gape at the surprising twists inside. As the mystery unravels, and the truth comes out, you’ll be hooked. I know I was. Having already read this book, I challenge you the reader, to piece together the story, and solve the mystery before the end of the book. I dare you to be right…



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