Blue is for Nightmares by Laurie Stolarz

Stacy Brown’s best friend’s life is in her hands.  Stacy and her roommate Drea go to a boarding school.  They’ve known each other for over a year, so they know each other very well.  Stacy practices Wicca; her grandmother taught her everything she knows.  Everything was good until Stacy’s nightmares came back.  Three years ago, Stacy  had nightmares about a little girl Maura that she used to baby sit.  They were about her being abducted and murdered, and they came true.  Now these dreams are back but about Drea, and if nothing is changed, they will come true.

Stacy’s nightmares are the clues to unraveling the truth.  She has to believe them even though her dreams scare her to a point she avoids sleep as much as possible.  She wakes up screaming and even hurt sometimes.  All of these are clues to figuring out what is going to happen to Drea.  To add to her problems, Stacy has a crush on Chad. Unfortunately,  Chad is Drea’s boyfriend.

I loved this book.  I feel like this book can fall under any category.  There is the mystery of Drea’s fate and romance between Chad, Stacy, and Drea.  This book is filled with love, trust, action, and horror. I could not put this book down!  Stacy is the only one who can save Drea.  She has to use her dreams and clues to solve this mystery, but even bystanders had a reason to be scared.  Someone is not going to make it in this book, but whom?



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