The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

Hadley is on her way to London for her father’s second wedding. A variety of minor delays lead to her missing her flight by 4 minutes. While she may have hoped that something would lead to her not being able to attend, she knows that she needs to be at the wedding. She gets tickets to the next flight, which will leave in 3 hours. If everything goes perfectly, she will probably be able to get there on time. While waiting, she meets Oliver, who is also on his way to London. He seems to be perfect, and he is sitting in her row.

On the flight, they talk for hours. Once they get to London, they are separated at customs and she can’t find him once she moves through. Hadley needs to find him, but she never found out exactly where he is going. In fact, she doesn’t know much about him at all, despite the hours they spent talking. Will she make it to her father’s wedding on time? Will she be able to find Oliver again?

This was a great book. Hadley is a believable character, and the relationship between Hadley and Oliver keeps the book interesting. I recommend The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight to anyone looking for realistic fiction, romance or a lighter read.




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  1. This sounds like a good read. The plot is fresh and intriguing.

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