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Ashfall by Mike Mullin

Fifteen-year-old Alex is home alone when Yellowstone erupts. The town starts to turn into very crazy situations. His neighbors become murders, trying to survive in the new way of life. His family is 140 miles away in Illinois. The disaster brings out the best and worst in people desperate for food, clean water, and shelter. When an escaped convict injures Alex, he searches for a sheltered place where he can wait—to heal or to die. Instead, he finds Darla. Together they fight their way to Alex parents.

I liked this book very much. It shows what some people will do for survival. Sometimes it brings out the worst in people. I really like how the author moves the story along in a good enough pace and also in enough detail. I like how he goes to try to find his parents 140 miles away. I liked that he finds a person to help him on his way to find his parents. So will Alex along with Darla find Alex’s parents?



Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton

Ari has never felt like she belonged. Her mother left her when she was young, so she has grown up in foster care. She has freakish silver hair, that somehow returns to the same color and length every time she tries to alter it.  When she visits Rocquemore House to find out more about her mother, she learns that her mother has long been dead. In fact, she killed herself six months after leaving Ari.

Later, when Ari goes through her mother’s belongings, she finds a note. Her mother tells her to run. Ari has a choice to make. Does she follow the advice of her mother, or does she continue her quest to New 2 (what is left of New Orleans after two huge hurricanes)?

I enjoyed this book. In fact, I had a hard time setting it down. It has the right mix of post-apocalyptic and fantasy, with a hint of mythology thrown in. The teaser above doesn’t start to scratch the surface of Ari’s adventures. In fact, right after where I left off, her life gets very interesting.

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the second book in the series to our library.