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Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross

Mira’s sixteenth birthday is coming quickly. Her godmothers are busy planning, but Mira won’t be home to help them celebrate. She has other plans, ones that involve months of planning and fake e-mails from a man in San Francisco. Her intricate plan is ready, and she is leaving to go to Beau Rivage; the place where she was born and where her parents died. It is the one place she has been forbidden to go.

Mira’s plans didn’t cover what she would do once she got to Beau Rivage. When finally arrives, she walks through a few cemeteries to try and find her parents, with no luck. Then, she must figure out what to do all night. After hours of sitting in a restaurant pretending to eat, a guy name Blue approaches her. It turns out his dad owns the hotel, and that he wants her to leave. He offers to help, but in a way that scares her. Finally, he leaves her alone and she finds another place to hide, in the middle of a casino. This is when she meets Felix, Blue’s brother and his girlfriend. She tells Felix her story, and he offers to help. He shows her to her room, which is comped by the hotel and promises to help her find her parents the next day.

Mira has a new crush, but there is so much that she doesn’t know. Things that she will learn, hopefully before it is too late.

Kill Me Softly is a combination of different fairy tales. It is a wonderful, but twisted story of people who are trapped in each of their stories. Add a building romance, some new friendships and an evil fairy to the mix and you have a story full of suspense. Highly recommended.




The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

Lennie Walker is reeling from the death of her sister. Bailey was everything to Lennie, the racehorse to her companion pony self. She spends most of her time in The Sanctuary, the room they shared before her sister’s sudden death. Lennie, her grandma and Uncle Big are all struggling, and have been for a month.

When Lennie goes back to school, she finds a new boy has taken the school by storm. Everyone is talking about him, and when she finds him sitting in her seat in the band, she discovers why. All she can think is whoa…where did this guy come from? Soon, Joe starts showing up at her house in the morning with croissants and making coffee for her family. Why does he keep coming over? To complicate things further, Lennie and Troy, who was Bailey’s boyfriend, have begun to find comfort in each other.

This was exactly what I needed after reading a couple of post-apocalyptic books. It was deeply moving, where I could almost feel Lennie’s pain, but also funny and romantic. A great book–read it!

Two Way Street By Lauren Barnholdt

Courtney and Jordan were the couple that didn’t seem to make sense to anyone else, but they made it work. They were so in love, everything seemed right. Courtney and Jordan even planned a road trip together to go to orientation for college. Then Jordan broke up with Courtney for some other girl. To top it all off, Courtney found out she was dumped and replaced by some girl Jordan met on the internet. Courtney is doesn’t know what to think and  it’s too late to cancel the road trip so they still go.

There are two sides to every story.  Courtney is pretending to not care. Jordan secretly cares a lot. There are secrets that Jordan is keeping from Courtney. What could these secrets be? Could these secrets have anything to why they broke up? Will this road trip go over well, or will it be a disaster?

I really enjoyed this book. I had a hard time setting it down. Having the book told in two perspectives, one from Courtney, and the other from Jordan, keeps the book interesting and moving quickly. Two Way Street is a great and entertaining read.


The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

Hadley is on her way to London for her father’s second wedding. A variety of minor delays lead to her missing her flight by 4 minutes. While she may have hoped that something would lead to her not being able to attend, she knows that she needs to be at the wedding. She gets tickets to the next flight, which will leave in 3 hours. If everything goes perfectly, she will probably be able to get there on time. While waiting, she meets Oliver, who is also on his way to London. He seems to be perfect, and he is sitting in her row.

On the flight, they talk for hours. Once they get to London, they are separated at customs and she can’t find him once she moves through. Hadley needs to find him, but she never found out exactly where he is going. In fact, she doesn’t know much about him at all, despite the hours they spent talking. Will she make it to her father’s wedding on time? Will she be able to find Oliver again?

This was a great book. Hadley is a believable character, and the relationship between Hadley and Oliver keeps the book interesting. I recommend The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight to anyone looking for realistic fiction, romance or a lighter read.



Fracture by Megan Miranda

Delaney should not be alive. She was in the lake’s icy water for 11 minutes before her best friend Decker pulled her out. Somehow, she has survived. When she wakes up from the coma, everyone hopes she will be fine, but something isn’t right. She feels strange pulling and an itch in her brain. It only happens occasionally, and doesn’t happen as often after she leaves the hospital. As Delaney tries to get back to normal, this pulling and itch continues. Then, she meets Troy. She keeps seeing him near places where people have very recently died. He has the same pulling in his brain, and has also recovered from a coma. Is this part of their brain damage or is it something more?

I enjoyed this book. It was fast paced and kept me guessing until the end. Highly recommended.

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